Where to have dinner after 15 May 2020?

Arlette’s Kitchen team is glad to announce that our lovely customers are no longer wait to enjoy the most Vietnamese sensational meals at our restaurant. From 15 May, when booking with us, you will get 25% OFF. If you are concerning where to eat this weekend, here is the answer.

Why Arlette’s Kitchen?

At our kitchen, our priority is to bring exact Vietnamese traditional taste to our enjoyers.

If you have dined in at our place, you will miss the way we stir-fry chicken with fresh kale, crunchy cashew nut combining with coconut cream and chilli which is called Chicken Attack. The only way to enjoy the dish is visiting Arlette’s Kitchen.

Arlette’s signature is Chicken Attack

If you are new, please visit Arlette’s Kitchen website to see what we offer in our unique menu. If you are planning for eating out this month, please don’t forget we have 25% OFF and our pleasure is to serve you here.

For booking:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arlette59albion/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arletteskitchen_4010/

Website: https://arletteskitchen.com/

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