Vietnamese wraps and rolls fascinate international and local visitors

Wraps and rolls are one of the best of Vietnamese cuisine. The variety of flavored ingredients and cooking techniques surely please even the most fastidious diners and humor any taste. Let explore our three uniquely interesting kinds of signatures: Spring Rolls, Summer Rolls and Pho Rolls.

  1. Spring rolls – Chả giò

Spring rolls are a so-call symbol dish in Vietnam and it is typically served as a flavorful appetizer. On the contrary to its well-known cuisine, there is no standard rule for its recipe. We can make their own spring roll with our own freestyle and distinct recipe. Different among the others, what makes our impressive and unique spring rolls is the harmony with interesting flavour: crispy, eye-catching wrapper; fragrant, tasty inside – greasy from special homemade ingredients. And yet, homemade coleslaw makes our spring rolls more colorful, appealing and stimulates your taste buds. This in turn makes it special that you can’t find somewhere else but Arlette’s Kitchen.

Rolling into the Spring

Exploring new vegetarian spring rolls is a surely unforgettable experience. Mixed exotic mushroom and homestyle tofu wrapped by crispy skin won’t make you disappointed.

Good choice for your entreé
  1. Summer rolls – Gỏi cuốn

Rice is the most interesting recipe for Vietnamese food, and rolls are not out of the way. Rolls covered with sweet, soft rice skin makes it to be more pleasant, gentle flavour with fresh and awesome feeling. This is voted by CNN to be on the world’s 50 most delicious foods and we should try this guy if exploring Vietnamese food.

It’s PPRPPR, guess what?
Let’s see the lite from the duck
  1. Pho rolls – Phở cuộn

Pho is so famous in the world, and unexpectedly it can be an interesting combination for rolls. In this creative version, the wrapper is thin, a little tough to be filled with fresh green and your choice of vegetarian style or delicious BBQ duck. Also, home-cooked hoisin sauce adds more strong flavor to impress this roll.

Enjoy our gluten-free and vegan rolls

All kinds of rolls at our kitchen are a good fit for both vegan eaters of meat lovers. What are you waiting for to visit AK for the spectacular rolls?

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