Arlette’s Spring Rolls – make it comes alive with traditional Vietnamese food

Right, you’re here! Our spring rolls are now served at Arlette’s Kitchen as the most famous Asian appetizer to start your dinners. Spring roll is a popular Vietnamese dish that has a crispy wrapper and filled with a variety of ingredients. In fact, there is no official recipe for making spring rolls but different from every single chef. 

Unlike with other normal spring rolls, what is most striking is that our homemade spring rolls are engulfed with distinct flavor pork inner, covered by hot, crispy and eye-catching wrapper but balanced with fresh, healthy homemade coleslaw. This in turn definitely brings to you strong emotions and please even the most fastidious diners ever. 

More than that, we make our spring rolls special with the confluence of homemade sauces to emphasize the flavor of spring rolls and stimulate your taste immediately at the first sight. With all the passion, delicacy and creativity, Arlette’s Kitchen feels proud to serve you one of the best spring rolls ever!

If you are vegan, there is a good news as Arlette have also completely shown up Vegetarian Spring Rolls with combination of mixed exotic mushroom and home-dry tofu, so you gotta try? Yum!!!

Now, what’s holding you up to try our special spring rolls?

This platter comes perfectly with duck rolls and Vietnamese-style chicken wings

And, don’t forget to make a booking for your dinner before June 1, 2020 to redeem 25% off at Arlette’s Kitchen.

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