Six reasons why beef is so good for you

There are plenty of benefits to eating beef. It tastes great and is a versatile choice in the kitchen – but not everyone realises just how important it is for a healthy, balanced diet.

Take a look at the list below for six reasons why beef should stay on the shopping list.

  • Naturally rich in protein, which helps muscle growth and supports muscle mass
  • Help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Support good health and well-being
  • Rich source of zinc which supports normal hair, nails and skin
  • Supports normal cognitive function, fertility and reproduction and also contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood
  • Source of iron which helps the immune system to work

Source: AHDB

However, there is evidence to suggest that eating a lot of red meat can raise health concerns. So, how much is good for your health? The answer is three portions is equivalent to about 350–500g (about 12–18 oz) cooked weight per week.

Coincidentally, Arlette’s Kitchen now serves three special beef dishes for you to enrich your taste.

  1. Rolling beef

What makes this rolling beef unique is that we have homemade sauce harmonizing with sweet and tender beef as well as distinct flavor of chopped onions and bell pepper to eat along with potato chips. This rolling beef especially interests children with colorful decorated meals and super easy to eat.

Rolling in the Beef
  1. Vietnamese beefsteak – Bo Ne

Not to be complicated as Western beefsteak, Vietnamese beefsteak still has its own distinct appeal which is considered as the commonly popular version of beefsteak. The most exciting part of this dish is that it is served even when beef is exactly medium rare cooked under hot boiling oil wok.  This makes beef more tender, hot and extremely engulfed in rich flavorful sauce. More than that, we add greasy omelette and crispy homemade sausage to make our food more interesting and attractive.

“Bo Ne” in Brisbane
  1. Five spice beef

A traditional beef is cooked with a distinct way – containing a unique and special Asian flavor. Your taste is definitely experienced with plentiful flavors which consist of sour, spicy, salted, sweet and bitter feelings in only one dish. Perhaps you may reckon that something is ridiculous here but in fact it is not a liar. Whenever you try this five spice beef, you will change your mind immediately due to its special flavor that you can never find at any places before. Moreover, it is also healthy with natural extracted herb powders. In other words, five spice beef is a challenging choice at Arlette’s Kitchen, but it’s well-deserved.

Five spice beef

Let’s renovate your taste with our sensational beef dishes at Arlette’s, it will never disappoint you.

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