Banh mi –  a perfect style to start a new day

Banh mi – Vietnamese baguette is not only a popular dish in Vietnam but all over the world. It would be so proud to say that banh mi is considered as one of the most impressive street foods that we should try ever.

Among traditional banh mi that is so famous, roasted pork banh mi distinguishes itself with appealing flavor. The special highlight of this kind of banh mi at Arlette’s Kitchen is the pork is medium roasted to keep its natural level of tenderness and sweet while the rounded skin is perfectly crispy and eye-catching yellow. All of these are excellent combined with our favorite homemade sauce to make it more specific and unforgettable. 

And yet, the crispy crust of bread together with rich pork flavor, fresh pickles and secret homemade sauce all create a lovely edition of banh mi at Arlette’s Kitchen. Moreover, roasted pork banh mi is well-combined with Vietnamese style coffee to make a perfect breakfast.

Moreover, Arlette also provides you with different kind of banh mi such as grilled lemongrass pork, pulled pork, omelette, fried chicken or if you prefer vegetarian, consider the choices of fried tofu with onion or avocado. That will easily make up your mind.

Many have tried and loved it, what about you?

Arlette’s crackling pork belly Banh mi

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