Not just a dinner, but as the taste of your life

To Arlette’s Kitchen, you not only enjoy your favorite Vietnamese cuisine but also spend your precious time relaxing in an urban space. With the main style of decorating peaceful and traditional landscape pictures, Arlette’s Kitchen slightly brings to all diners the real pleasant and smooth atmosphere intertwined with impressive symbols. These artless pictures represent the distinct style of Arlette’s Kitchen as well as add in the keypoint for all Vietnamese dishes here.

For instance, Arlette has its own rural landscape in which portrayed the simple beauty of Vietnam. Imagine that after hardworking hours, you do enjoy Vietnamese dinner and admire  this peaceful picture. This definitely makes you feel comfortable, gentle and restful in your mind.

A simple beauty of Vietnam

Or, Ao dai portrait – a symbol of Vietnamese culture that we would like to introduce to all your friends spending time here is another highlight. The hidden simplicity and delicacy in this picture  symbolize the spirit of all kinds of dishes that Arlette’s Kitchen desirably serves to its sincere diners with the gentle but also luxurious features by well-sifted food materials and native Vietnamese cooking styles.

Ao dai portrait- a symbol of Vietnamese culture

Good appetite is surely important, but the way of relishing your taste is more. Come with us and enjoy your unforgettable dinners here.

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