A cosy French Vietnamese restaurant for your ideal dating- Arlette’s Kitchen

Nestling away on a leafy street in the inner-city suburb of Albion, Arlette’s Kitchen is a constantly evolving French-Vietnamese fusion restaurant. By serving Vietnamese food  modern French style, it interests you all with the deep flavor and luxurious style.

Vietnamese food – Strange but delicious

In spite of being familiar with habitual food, why don’t we explore something new and interesting?

At Arlette’s Kitchen, we proudly serve you plenty of famous Vietnamese dishes which are slightly adjusted to fit local flavor and decorated with Western style to definitely never let you down.

treat your love a pleasing brekkie…

French style – Romantic symbol

By choosing distinct French style, we want to bring to our diners a peaceful and breezing space. Specifically, when having dinner at Arlette’s Kitchen, the ever first moment that you feel is the coziness and pleasure. Additionally, the deep and warm yellow light reflects to the old style pictures all create the hoary atmosphere. Not yet, the shimmering candlelight being next to little vase in the table adds the romantic dating space.

or immerse in a romantic space at night?

Moreover, we are eager to serve special requests for your own needs. All of what you should do is kindly make a booking with us and we will contact you shortly.

having a sensational dinner with her/him

If you are the true food adherents, Arlette’s Kitchen is a promising choice for you. Then, your lovely dinner is ready and waiting for your partners.

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