Vietnamese vermicelli platter – happy to eat together

Not only with the mission to introduce the taste of Vietnamese food, Arlette’s Kitchen also tries to illustrate the core image and feeling of being in Vietnam via its traditional dishes. “Bun met” – a kind of Vietnamese vermicelli platter is a typical particular.

The dish is served in something like a large basket, but like the plates as usual.  What makes it special is that it is eye-catching decorating, full of different kinds of dishes all in only one large basket. Due to this distinct feature, it is very suitable for meeting dinners among your friends and family. 

As mentioned earlier, Vietnamese vermicelli platter contains many dishes at the same time but it is not discrete. Harmoniously, vermicelli is served with crackling pork belly – softly pork with crispy skin, crunchy spring rolls, fragrant green rice nuggets – “cha com” – a specialty from  Hanoi, fried tofu and homemade lemongrass pork sausage. Moreover, if you are considering the grease from pork, mixed herbs will take on the balance of the total dish. And yet, our indispensable homemade specific lemongrass pork sauce surely completes the dish and makes it more flavorful.

What an interesting dish, right? At Arlette’s Kitchen, we serve Vietnamese vermicelli platter ideal for 2 people. The feeling of eating together on the same plate makes you feel closer to your partner. So, let’s hang out with your friend this weekend and try Vietnamese vermicelli platter at Arlette’s Kitchen.

Love the way we eat ❤

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