A healthy breakfast? Arlette’s Kitchen now covers you

As we know, breakfast plays a very important role in daily meals. A healthy breakfast not only gives us  full energy to start the new day but it also benefits us from an increased feeling of well-being. One of the most spectacular ingredients for a nice breakfast is egg. Egg is so familiar and easy to take and it brings us lots of benefits such as containing healthy nutrients, reducing calorie intake, maintaining the steadiness of blood sugar and insulin level.

Egg is simple to look for, but it is not boring at all. At Arlette’s Kitchen, we proudly serve different kinds of egg dishes with a new special cooking style as well as a perfect combination with other delicious ingredients to make it wonderful.

Vietnamese Omelette

This is definitely a strong flavor breakfast that you have ever tried before. Not cooking with traditional style, omelette is well-fried with crackling pork belly, balancing with Vietnamese petite herb salad and standing out with our specific homemade chilli caramel sauce. Not yet, you can make it more interesting by eating with bread to make it a little traditional.

Vietnamese Omelette

Vietnamese Corn Fritter

This is another elevated version of egg food. The most impressive part of it is the corn fritters are perfectly fried to keep the porosity inside while still controlling the crispy outside. The taste, then, is deliciously sweet and delicate. Moreover, perfect soft-boiled egg is added above with Huon smoked salmon and mixed fresh herbs all create a warm and nourishing breakfast. Not yet, all are decorated with multiple colourful layers in only one dish to warmly interest the dinners. And then, a cool clash of smoothie is an ideal way to start an enthusiastic lovely date.

Vietnamese corn fritter

By the way, we also serve vegetarian corn fritters. Although it is fairly frugal, you still enjoy the lucrative flavor from avocado and egg and feel the freshness of tomato, corn, salad. All of these still keep the main spirit of corn fritter, but in another breezing style.

Vegetarian corn fritter

Are these egg styles creative and delicious enough? You need to try this right away.

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