The wonderful way to enjoy Coffee from Vietnam

A perfect breakfast is not only healthy and delicious but also must be a energetic catalytic to start a new interesting day. At Arlette’s Kitchen, we happily serve plenty of enthusiastic drinks to wake you up. Among this, coffee is inventively brought to you in a very special and wonderful way.

1. Vietnamese iced coffee

Definitely, this is the traditional way of drinking coffee in Vietnam. Unlike any place in the world, Vietnamese people love adding sweet condensed milk and fresh milk into coffee in a reasonable ratio to make it more greasy, but still keep the original coffee flavor. Especially, by adding ice into the cup of coffee, you elevate the quality of this kind of drink by balancing the sweetness of milk and the bitterness of coffee while enjoying the coolness.

Cool and Sweet

2. Vietnamese 4-layer coffee

As the name of that drink, you can see four different layers inside a cup of coffee, including coffee, condensed milk, yogurt and grinded ice. Each layer is thoroughly laid on the others to show the true beauty of the drink. Another impressive point is the specific flavor synthesized by slightly sour but refreshing of yogurt intertwining with distinguished bitterness from coffee. This drink is healthy to skin with yogurt while is still a fabulous way to wake you up for a wonderful day.

Vietnamese 4-layer coffee

3. Hanoi special egg-coffee

Here, the signature drink at AK is the combination of the greasiness from eggs and the distinct bitterness from coffee. It is strange, but very logical when blending these different kinds of ingredients into one mixture. The egg yolks are carefully separated, then whisked steadily until it becomes really thicken. Finally, the egg foam is poured straight on the top of hot coffee to create the most beautiful egg-coffee ever. Not yet, it is served within the hot bowl to maintain the warm temperature for fully enjoying this drink.

Hanoi special egg-coffee

Now, why don’t we start a new awesome day with the best creative drink ever to impress your colourful day?

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