Three main reasons why it is ideal to host your food party at Arlette’s Kitchen

Quietly located at a lovely small corner in Albion, our restaurant itself has special ideal features for planning a warm, meaningful food party with your beloved relatives and friends.

1. Cosy and private atmosphere

Following the pleasant French style, Arlette’s Kitchen always wants to create a breezing, comfortable and friendly space for every close party here. We proudly have Private Group choice as a super real private style in which parts of the restaurant only belong to your groups. For this reason, you can do whatever by yourself from decorating the party by your style as well as fully free to enjoy your special party without interfering with the others.

A lovely lobby
Candle and flower – Full of warm and cozy atmosphere

2. Delicious dishes

Certainly, food is the soul of every party. What do you think about a Australian party with Asian – Vietnamese cuisines which are famous for the flavors and creativity of the cooking style? It’s definitely interesting. Arlette’s Kitchen proudly to serve our beloved dinners Vietnamese food with French style cooking. All the ingredients are fresh, healthy and innovative well-cooked in which always bring the new and most energetic feelings to all dinners.

 Special Pineapple Fried Rice 
Fresh and wonderful dishes

3. Reasonable budget

From only $1200, you can totally possess a harmonious and private party up to 40 dinners at the same time. How really interesting it is, isn’t it!

All in all, Arlette’s Kitchen converges the ideal features for a wonderful party including delicious foods, snug little atmosphere and fair prices. So, please not hesitate to let us know your desire, and we will handle the rest.

Go for it, now!

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