Let “The River King” warm up your day!

Sweet, fresh and succulent! Those are exact words to mention about barramundi. This kind of fish easily pleases every diner even the most fastidious and unwilling with seafood. Not only being famous for the flavor, barramundi is also super healthy and enriched with protein, much higher Omega-3s than almost any other commonly eaten white fish, but contains little dose of mercury.

There are many ways to make great dishes with barramundi, and at Arlette’s Kitchen you will surely find out the most specific flavor from it with the creative cooking way to keep the origin sweet and fresh flavor of this kind of fish. What makes it different is the yellow crispy skin outside combined with natural sour taste from tomato and pineapple, added with enoki surrounded in a delicate fish broth.

The River King – Warm and wonderful soup

Imagine how cool it is when you enjoy your hot Vietnamese sweet and sour wild-caught barramundi soup while the outside turns out to be cold. This definitely is the most special experience here at Arlette’s Kitchen.

We are always waiting here to serve you this wonderful hot soup ever!

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