Amazing vegetarian food at Arlette’s Kitchen

Non-meat eating style has been becoming the most healthy and prior choice that the youth would like to prefer for their meals not only in order to change their taste but also improve health. With main ingredients such as exotic mushroom, enoki, vegetable and tofu as well as the creativeness and talent of Arlette’s Kitchen chief, you will inevitably fast for a wonderful meal.

To begin, you can choose vegetarian spring rolls with the beautiful yellow crispy outside along with the grinded fresh vegetable inside. Not yet, our secret homemade sauce adding in helps to emphasize the flavor of spring rolls.

Vegetarian spring rolls

Or, you can try another special tofu with the more flavored skin – called Golden tofu, a kind of crispy soft tofu doused with chilli caramel, peanut sprinkel and chilli. This would be a perfect alternative to start your amazing meal.

Golden Tofu

And if you love something soft and flavored liquid, Arlette’s Kitchen dumpling could be a good suggestion.

For main dishes, we proudly serve you 02 options.

The first one is stir fried eggplant and tofu, top up with Viet dukkah. This talent combination creates one of the best loving signatures of Arlette’s Kitchen by its appealing taste. In fact, there have been many versions of dukkah, but we truly believe that you will find the best one here. Also, it should be ideal if you try this dish with origin hot rice to strongly stimulate its distinct flavor.

Eggplant and tofu

The second option is the vegetarian fried rice – an Asian popular rice with an impressive mix of multiple kinds of fresh vegetables. All the ingredients are strictly filtered to make sure that it would be healthy, strong aroma and keep the original color.

Again, although these non-meat dinners includes only greens and vegetables, they are still nutritious, attractive but fairly frugal. It will be a totally new and memorable experience that we surely please the most fastidious diners, even the meat-favor eaters.

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